The Book That Started It

I was sitting on the royal throne today and thinking about books. I’m a writer now (self-congratulatory pat), so that’s what I do. I think about books. You guys remember the very first book that got you into it? The book that sucked you in and made you realize how amazing a good story can be?

Pepperidge farm remembers.

Growing up I remember reading a butt-load of Hardy Boys, Goosebumps, and Redwall. But the very first book that started it was Hank the Cowdog. It was about a goofy cowdog (duh) that helped his useless rancher human fight off coyotes. I think he had his own sidekick, too. The comic relief dog that was a doofus. I found it in my elementary school library and blew through every single copy they had. I think the series is still going, too.

So here’s to you John Erickson. A toast to the guy who got me into books.


Youda real MVP.

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