I’m Not Dead

I swear. I’m just super busy with trying to promote my book and making sure it doesn’t fall into obscurity. If I become famous after all this, I will 100% use that fame to try and meet these guys:


The Book That Started It

I was sitting on the royal throne today and thinking about books. I’m a writer now (self-congratulatory pat), so that’s what I do. I think about books. You guys remember the very first book that got you into it? The book that sucked you in and made you realize how amazing a good story can be?

Pepperidge farm remembers.

Growing up I remember reading a butt-load of Hardy Boys, Goosebumps, and Redwall. But the very first book that started it was Hank the Cowdog. It was about a goofy cowdog (duh) that helped his useless rancher human fight off coyotes. I think he had his own sidekick, too. The comic relief dog that was a doofus. I found it in my elementary school library and blew through every single copy they had. I think the series is still going, too.

So here’s to you John Erickson. A toast to the guy who got me into books.


Youda real MVP.

Finding Reviewers and “Marketing” Blows

Nothing interesting happened this last week. Unless you count crawling the net to find book bloggers to maybe review my book, possibly favorably, in the future at some point. Yeah. If anyone’s interested in da biz of self-publishing, let me break it down for you. Pretend your book is a drop of water. Put it in the ocean. Now, try to point out that drop of water to a friend.

Good luck with that. So I’m “marketing” and reaching out for reviews to try and point a spotlight on it. But even if I get that spotlight, it’s like still just a tiny blip of water in a big ocean. It’s already been mixed in when I put it there. Sooo, like, fuck. Who’s bright idea was it to put my drop of water in there?

Anyway, here’s something less depressing: my dogs. The foxy-looking one is Dexter. He’s a dickhead, but he’s the world’s okayest dog. The cute, spotted one trying to jack my food is Arya. She’s cool most of the time, except when she gets excited when I first come home and runs at me full speed to nut check me. That part hurts, a lot.


Kindle Book Giveaway!

I’m running a giveaway of my book for the next 15 days. There are 50 copies available and each entrant has a 1 in 25 chance of winning! http://amzn.to/20YoNlz

It’s the Kindle version, but even if you don’t have a reader you can download the Kindle app and read it on any device you want. Spread the word people!

The Big Day

The book is released! Still a bunch of clerical work to be done in the background, but the important thing is you can buy it now. It’s 2AM, and I’ve got work in the morning–but it’s a good day! Here’s a link to the book on Amazon if you’re interested: a.com_logo_RGB

One Week Until Release

It’s exactly one more week until the full release of my book. The ebook version will only be available on Amazon for now because I’m enrolled in their KDP select program for 90 days. We’ll see how that goes. The paperback, however, should be showing up on all the major retailer sites like B&N, Apple, Amazon etc.

How do I feel about the book, though? I’m pretty nervous, actually. I’ve re-read this book so many time while editing it that I think I had a mini stroke. I’m not sure if it’s even good anymore. So I guess we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully it’s a major success and I can retire and eat chili at home in my underwear for the rest of my life.

I’m So Close, I Can Taste It

That’s right. I’m so close to finally having this book released. Sooooo cloooose! June 1st is the tentative release date I have set, but there’s still some hurdles to go over between then and now.

Site Done!

Here it is, folks. The website is all set up, and I think it looks mighty fine. I figure I’ll give you all an update on the actual book. The eBook format is ready to go, and I should be getting the paperback soon (this upcoming Tuesday). Once I get that file and have the proof copy sent over–assuming it all looks good–the books will be ready for pre-order. I’ll have it up for a few weeks before sales open, but during that pre-order phase I’ll be looking for people to get an early copy of it and review it.

If you’d like to do that, feel free to contact me using the nifty form on my site here. That’s it for now.

First Status Update

The site is almost done people! And by people I mean just me–since I’m the only one that knows this page even exists.