New World, New Story

In case you missed it, I’m working on a new book now. I’ve been doing worldbuilding in secret for like half the year and it’s time to unveil it! I’ve got a wiki-esque site for it, so you can learn more about it. CHECK IT OUT!!!

I’m Not Dead…Mostly

Long hiatus, I know. Been going through a weird time, but I’m getting back into it. Unfortunately I’m not continuing the Vincent, Survivor series. It was a hard decision, but due to depressive sales and reception, making a followup would be an exercise in futility. Instead I’m pursuing another series I’ve had on the back-burner. I don’t want to give away too much yet, but I can say this is a way bigger undertaking than the first book. The outlines all done and I’m just finalizing some world-building–even going to make a wiki for it. The wiki’s mainly going to be for myself to keep track of all the details, but I’ll probably link to it so anyone interested can look through it.

Happy Holidays

Hope you all had a good holiday. I’ve been taking a break from writing but I’ll be getting back into it when 2017 hits me in the face.

Book Coming Along

No exciting news otherwise, though. But look what I found instead–mediocre comics I did after graduating college because I had nothing better to do. This one felt appropriate given my recent dog wizard creation.


On the Importance of Reviews

Basically, it’s really important. If you haven’t yet–or god forbid haven’t read my book yet, like some kind of pleb–do it! I’d be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful. It helps out a ton in finding new readers. Also telling people about the book is a great way to find new readers. WINKY FACE! You can lend the book to someone, even if it’s the Kindle version; Amazon lets you loan it to people.

Anywhooo, here’s the Amazon page to leave a review on:

And if you have Goodreads, too? Oh man leave a review there as well. That’d be dope:

Book 2 Progress Report

Outlining is close to finished. My dog is still the most annoying distraction when I’m trying to focus on work. Doesn’t she realize I’m trying to complete my magnum opus?

I’m Back!

Got the book planning rolling along now. Minus this upcoming weekend–for those of you in the know, you know why–but other than that things are going to be going full speed ahead on book 2. Details to come, people!

I’m Tired

What a whirlwind week the beginning of August was. Not only was I running my first book promo, but it was also the week leading up to my wedding. I don’t know why I thought it’d be a good idea to do both so close together. Good news, though–both were executed perfectly. The wedding was a blast and I’m officially a married man.weddingphoto

As for the book promo, sales went better than I expected. It was real slow to start, and I was worried I was dead in the water, but it took off as it got closer to the weekend. The highest I managed to peak at was #30 in Dark Fantasy!


Next time I’ll hit #1 best seller, maybe? That’s it for now! Toodles!